Why I’m Really Starting to Hate Black People

Great job, black people.  Great fucking job.

You know what sickened me about the George Zimmerman trial?  The people that I spoke with about it.

“All you niggers are the same.  Little thugs that deserve what you get!”  I defend myself and other black people vociferously…

…then something like this happens…


Some little black thugs and their white thug boyfriend, out of boredom, kill an Australian baseball player living in Oklahoma.

Let me tell you what this does:

  • Justifies every single fucking thing racist white people say about young black men.
  • Justifies every ignorant thought, belief, and notion about Trayvon Martin.
  • Validates the random killing of young black men.
  • Makes Americans look stupid as fuck when it comes to the issue of gun control (mostly because these kids apparently used stolen guns, one of which was a shotgun that was not used, but was recovered by the police with a filed off serial number).
  • And puts Oklahoma back into the fucktarded category of states in the US you most definitely should not visit…EVER.

I’d like to give my personal thanks to all three of these idiots: the black kids for setting black people back further with this stupid assed action, and the white kid, who was apparently the oldest, for forgetting to display that traditional white man superiority and failing to keep these black kids in line.

Thank you, fucktards, for not doing something constructive when you got fucking bored.  You took a man’s fucking life out of fucking boredom?

I wish the south would act like the old south in this case and just lynch the motherfuckers.  Fuck a trial.  They deserve to die.  And not just for killing someone, but for once again making black people look bad.  The white kid deserves to get lynched for hanging with’em.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Really Starting to Hate Black People

  1. I’m sorry. This is not even relevant because you don’t incorporate the reality of this type of action being the reciprocation–not provocation of so much unprovoked violence against Black people for well over 400 years in this country.

    It’s very sad what happened to this young man, but if you had did your fact checking; Australians are notoriously racist against the Aborigines there. Link: http://www.skwirk.com.au/p-c_s-4_u-127_t-350_c-1213/history-of-racist-attitudes-and-fear/nsw/history-of-racist-attitudes-and-fear/australia-to-1914/white-australia-immigration-restriction-act-1901; and this death could be divine reciprocity for an evil act committed by the deceased’s ancestor. Link: http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/john-oliver-australia-is-racist/

    No. I’m not making excuses…only bringing clarity of the negative and positive energy that we produce has impact long after we are gone.

    Karma is real.

    • Wait…this is reciprocation? I’m sorry… I’m a black guy… I understand the difference between someone doing wrong to me, and someone not doing wrong to me.

      Firstly, these kids admitted they did this out of boredom, so I see no reciprocation out of this. This isn’t karma. This isn’t affecting anyone who perpetrated violence against black people. That’s just as senseless and illogical as saying “Oh, God’s attacking the United States with hurricanes because he hates gay people.” What sense does that make?

      And just because Australians are “notoriously racist against aborigines” doesn’t mean they all are. That’s just as bad and fucking asinine as saying because there’s a Ku Klux Klan, all white people MUST be racist.

      What the fuck kinda facts are those? Those aren’t facts. That’s prejudice and that’s as racist as the people you’d say are notoriously racist. Why are black people no better than this? It’s fucking disgusting, and to justify the crimes of one with the crimes of another is absolutely fucking stupid. Seriously.

      Divine reciprocity? Bullshit. There is no god. There are only people that wrote god into existence. Divine reciprocity is the exact same bullshit as Manifest Destiny and kingship by divine order, and slavery because the bible said it was fucking okay.

    • fuck you truth…….your own black relatives gathered you up and sold you to the highest paying dutch whom then sold you everywhere…why don’t… you axe some one about it….so sick of this shit for 60 years of this bob hoooooingggg…shut the f….up or go back to Africa if anyone will have your bitching asses…..amen get the hell out

  2. do you ever here any white people cry,, loot…and steal like you were brought up to do….lazy sob’s….nice living for free…..and living off people like me…that worked ,,went to school and raised 2kids by my self nigger.

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